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12:14 a.m. - 2007-11-25
WE HAVE MOVED. I mean, I have moved. I keep doing this Queen Elizabeth thing all the time, talking about myself in plural. We are getting tired of it. ANYWAY. We have moved. I changed my mind about about the locked diary thing, it's too much trouble and it'd cause me to lose my readers, and I like knowing that people read my junk. I might not understand why they do it but who cares? People read this! Anyway, what was I saying.. Oh yes, the moving thing. I'll let most of my Diaryland readers know by dropping them a note or something if I can - if you have your notes turned off, email me. if you're not a Diaryland member, email me. If I know you, ask me in MSN or text me or whatever. You knwo how to contact me.

I'm not taking any risks and linking the new diary here.

So long, Pearl.

EDITED 16.10.2008
New home is Vintagejunk.
(safe enough to let people know)



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